Online Learning

Learning a language online brings a lot of opportunities for you. For example, the online world has no boundaries, so you can have your native online teacher without leaving your desk. You need only 5 minutes to get ready for your lesson. Since tutors also do not commute, they spend less time on each lesson so it has an impact on the lesson prices. Finally, you can choose your tutor among tens/hundreds of others depending on their profession, experience, reviews, and many other specifications.

When you are learning online…

You can learn at your own pace. So there won’t be pressure from other peers. You can repeat again and again until you make it perfect.

You can use lots of resources. You can use your book, listen to audio, watch a video, use a whiteboard, slides, look things up, learn from images and get the best benefit of interactive grammar/pronunciation correction tools, have tandem friends… Possibilities are limitless. You can also reach your learning materials pretty much from everywhere.

You spend less for a better service. Learning online can be totally free or have a really better price than face to face lessons. Transparent competition among tutors keeps prices always affordable. 

John Smith

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