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Why Learn Turkish?

1. The U.S. Department of State has labeled Turkish a critical language

This means according to the USA, Turkish is one of the most important languages for national security and prosperity. This language is less commonly taught in U.S. schools but is essential to America’s positive engagement with the world. (resource is here)

2. Because Turkey has everything you possibly wish to experience

According to Trip Advisor Turkey is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in Turkey. Turkey is diversely rich of experience such as;

    • Nature: Turkey is a relatively big country with various climates and geographic formations which gives you a chance to experience different activities. Skiing, swimming, rafting, parachute, hiking, camping…
    • History and Culture: No matter you visit only one city or have a Turkey tour, I can guarantee you that you can not get enough of this land. You can find elements from every stage of history, every religion, every nation. Lydians found money here, Troy was fought here, G√∂beklitepe (Garden of Eden) settled here, Islam World ruled from here for 400 years, First Council of Nicaea gathered here…
    • Living Cost: First thing is, living cost in Turkey is quite predictable, and affordable due to the inflation rate. It will never negatively surprise you. For those earning stronger currencies, a decent living in Turkey can be even a better price!

3. Turkish people are amazingly friendly, the warmest and most hospitable people you will ever meet

There is no way to explain how hospitable Turkish people are, you have to experience it. You can find great stories on the internet with a little search about how Turks treat their guests: You will feel like a king. And you don’t even need to know the whole language. Turks are very welcoming even if you stutter or barely say some words in random order. They are patient, try to understand you with a smile on their face, and even try to teach Turkish!

4. It is easy, predictable, unique and simply beautiful

Yes, this is the truth. On the internet, you might see tons of videos starting with “Welcome to the most difficult language of the world…” no, that’s not true. Turkish is a phonetically written language, which means once you know how to pronounce a letter, you can simply read everything. It’s also very systematic and there are very few exceptions. Finally, there are lots of familiar words that you can recognize easily.¬†

5. Turkish movies, dramas, music, art is great!

In the last few years, Turkish dramas came in swept everyone off of their feet with the quality and the storylines and the beautiful settings and locations that the shows were sot in. Due to online streaming platforms, the popularity of Turkish TV series has increased rapidly. Even you can find English subtitles, understanding the context, culture, and nuances would make a big change in your experience.

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